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Saturday, December 27, 2003
All Families Are Psychotic by Douglas Coupland 
In All Families Are Psychotic, Coupland took his 'trademarked' dark humor and jaded sense of truth into a new depth, leaving most of his loyal followers somewhat disappointed by the lack of Coupland's (usually haunting) dark humor in this book. But despite the alarming number of discouraging reviews and thumb-downs associated to this book, All Families Are Psychotic is still a gem of its own kind.

The Worst Family Reunion in History...

The story centers on the Drummond family - the poster family for dysfunctional American families; and the chain of disastrous events surrounding their family reunion. All of the family members are screwed up to some degree. The father, Ted, has liver cancer. The mother, Janet Drummond, and her oldest son, Wade both have AIDS. Janet, 65, was infected with HIV when her ex-husband, Ted, shot Wade through the side of his stomach and the bullet lodged into Janet's lung. Ted shot Wade because his son had accidentally slept with Ted's second wife, Nickie. In consequence, Nickie is also HIV positive. The Drummond's shining star is the daughter, Sarah the astronaut, a Thalidomide baby and was born with an arm missing. The youngest brother, Bryan, suffers from depression of the suicidal variety and his new-age girlfriend Shw (yep, Shw!) is pregnant and secretly planning to sell the baby to the black market……

Like all of Coupland's previous works, All Families Are Psychotic is a lightning-fast read. Its cynical voice rang true to most Gen-Xers especially those with strong sense of disenchantment with our deadbeat society. Compared to his previous works, All Families Are Psychotic is a little bit too fast paced (action movie kind of pace, I say) and it lacks the powerful world-weary prose that Coupland's readers love so much. Nevertheless, the book is still an entertaining read without having to worry about the almost non-existing plot;

In short, All Families Are Psychotic is a dark comedy with a blistering dose of Sarcasm; Think, BEAN: The Ultimate Disaster Movie with a brain. But like any other comedies, it is just another pointless joyride to nowhere in particular. In the end, it leaves us more confused than enlightened and that is a very sad conclusion for such a promising book!

Bee  # 8:52 AM


Friday, December 26, 2003
Ten Important Updates 
1. Do expect several reviews from this blogger & her friend stephlee (who's bunking in here today ;D), from today (26th Dec 2003) until the end of the year; as we've pledged to finish off a few (!!) more book reviews while being stuck here with time on our hands and er. nothing to do while we fnish up several important academic-related tasks ;D

2. The Book Review Blog shall remain hosted here on blogspot.com until officially launched perhaps early or mid-January 2004, please bear with us while configuring, customizing, and rewritting certain scripts, my friend Hay-J has pledged to help out where needed (thanks!), since am a full time final-year-undergrad / daughter / friend / sister and shall be pretty busy this year =P

3. By the time you're reading this I'd hopefully paid my hosting / domain bill that's been left unattended for about a good month or so due to unchecked e-mails ;P and short term memory. I could come up with a dozen more excuses too [weather, pms, mother-in-law, allergies, irritating friends] but you're probably not too interested so nevermind but. Please er. pray for my mental / emotional health while you're at it cos at the rate its going I could end up at a mental institution by next week =D.

4. Am well aware that this isnt a personal blog sorry, but I felt I just had to share it with you ;D.

5. And word out to Tim Yang for extending his generousity and offered to host us for free, thanks again, we appreciated your thoughtful gesture!

6. Theres been several new faces around here, thanks for joining the community of reviewers / readers, and your support is quite encouraging indeed, esp in times like these ;) Keep it up, and do continue to participate actively here, dont shy-shy okayss.

7. I know I'm about seven odd hours late, but heres to wishing everyone a blessed Christmas & to have a great year-end holidaying!

8. Breakfast calls, cant function without breakfast so am sorry for the scattered writing / bad grammar / spelling errors but really couldnt be bothered ;D Er maybe this isnt a reallt important update. But its here already anyway ;P

9. Have a nice day everyone!

10. Why "Ten Important Updates"? Well I actually had only three, but I thought it'd be nicer to have a nice round figure!! Yessir I'm sampat like that sometimes ;P

graceshu  # 6:57 AM