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Saturday, April 03, 2004
Hi Kids, This Is Your [Bleak] Futchure! Pls Mourn For It KThxBais. & Other Shit. 
Not much activity here, but I met up w techneke (Hi Ken!) to pass him an Adrian Mole yesterday, and am meeting up w some other bloggers seperately in a couple of days more (Hi Irene, Khalilur, Wingman!) to swap books individually... more like... returning books actually... LoL not that I'm like wei finish liao boh faster la why u read so slow one ha buden its more of extending the flow of literature to mah other friends who've heard me liek rave abt omg you should so absolutely read this book its liek omg good shit anden I was liek.. and its liek.. You get the idea.

Books are like ekhspenshive but its good [er.] shit mmmmmmkay. I mean you should like totally spend an entire month's worth of petrol money on liek pieces of pressed wood product binded together w gum and printed with liek fine print that you can squint at when conducting excretious activities in the commode and liek laugh out loud at the funny parts and ma knocks at the door and says. Grace, are you okay? But. No, I dont do that anymore. [Cept sometimes, for textbooks.] [Btw textbooks are liek, expensive too, < RM 60.00 and I dont even touch them cos they've got germs. But I digress.]

And while my purse continues to slim down on its Marie France Bodyline Supreme © diet, my ass expands & flattens exponentially with the continual abuse subjected to it while on sprawled the couch re-reading Adrian Mole for the 2,302,809.75th time and the waist steadily dissapears with my friend Mr. Earl Grey, Sir. and The Respectable Ms. Cookies & Shit. So pls ignore the fat ass pls. Heh.

But yeah. As I was saying. Books are liek, eksphenshive. I reckon if the gov wants to us to mengamalkan tabiat membaca they've gotta like loosen up and give liek us *cough* kids weekly allowances to liek buy books and stuff, and not liek force us to liek, go STUDY, liek yanno, textbooks and adv kalkulus and and shit, cos its different I mean liek, yanno, liek, omg its not ever anywhere near orgasmik when, liek, opening a David Sedaris or a Dave Barry or a, liek, yanno Gaiman, or Crichton, and shit.

Anyway I noticed a trend. Music used to be eksphenshive. Then it became affordable. Then it became free. And now musicians are liek enraged that they're not getting paid, wht with all that intellekshual property & royalties shit. And now you can liek download shit for liek paying them liek a few cents and shit and listen to them while in the commode on your mp3 player. Then magazines. Used to be expensive. Then affordable. Then now free. We have liek, the inerdnet & Al Gore to thank, of course. But even then, liek, NY Times, they say you have to liek, yanno, pay, yanno, to view their arkives. But thats okay cos Google caches stuff anyway ;)

Anden I'm liek thinking liek yanno how there are liek e-books and shit now and its liek everywhere [only certain books], and how books were expensive, now more affordable, and now with the most popular medium there is - inerdnet - will everything be liek, yanno, elektronik and all prefixed with an "e" now? And its liek, babais mr. paper manufekturer sir sorry we dont need you anymore. And everyone will go around with their pdas and pay like 15 cents per 1Mb of data downloaded from reposchitories of liek bookshtores that are reduced to mere touchpad counters you can sync with anden its like tada voila jeng jeng jeng hello yes ma I'm liek studying for my IT Law paper tmrrw when you're liek, yanno, reading liek, yanno, the latest Gaiman on your pda when ma has liek no way of checking bekos the skreen is too small.

I've a feeling its this.

Anyway, people don't need to pay 15 cents to read interesting stuff anymore, theres liek a whole lot of shit out there on the internet, what more with the eksploshiun of self publishing liek yanno, blogs; but I guess the main problem is liek filtering & editing the content cos I guess not everyone wants to know minute details of your bowelusor habits and whinning abt what omg your ex boyflen did that to you fifty years ago? And besides if you need realistik human drama theres always GroupHug.Us. And I'm liek, wondering if authors will bother to write stuff anymore? if they get paid like 15 cents for, say, 1Mb of ASCII-ed text, for all that work?

I shall mourn when it comes to that. Because I've always treasured the speshial moments I've had with books and will commit suicide [imma just joking, relly] when kids start reading aloud to Peter & Jhane on pdas and not liek, yanno, worn and half bitten books with karerful pikchures of Pat the dog.

And in the event of a lethal virus wiping out all elektronik systems or aliens paralyzing our power system and with no backups nor lifelong Energizer batteries and having to hide in caves and live liek, yanno, in the Stone Age, there'll be no way to pass on all that schweet memories and knowledge of Adv Kalkulus [yeah I admit its liek, important, but just not orgasmik enough] or stories of Peteh The Rabbit or Enid Blyton Shit, I guess the human race will die off just slowly because no one knows how to write anymore. And we'd all be liek all unsexy shortsighted blobs of fat assed creatures with no waist who sit around staring at blacked out screens liek, yanno, half nekkid and unwashed.

Man, thats so sad. If I had a oblongated pachyderm-like appendage it'd be liek, rendered flaccid for life now. I'd rather be castrated if it comes to that. But yeah am just saying. And no, I have liek all the bodily components of a female so its okay am alright am whole and complete.

Btw, pls excuse the spelling and grammar and liek if I've offended any oblongated pachyderm-like appendages but please please mah birthday is liek, coming soon, and I want liek, orgasmic bookssss pls. I dont need bday cakes [see fat ass reference above] or surprises [weak heart], nor clothes [I wear mostly my sister's hand me downs and liek, torn jeans and flip flops] or liek husbands [sorry, dudes] but yeah. Books and all that good shit pls.

Anyway, see you guys next weekend k. I've gotta get back to my books and study for tomorrow's paper. Yeah. On a Sunday.

And oh. Pls wash behind your ears k. Its good to blog again. Babais kids.

graceshu  # 7:33 PM