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Friday, July 02, 2004
Cirque Du Freak: Darren Shan 
This is only 1 in if I'm not mistaken 12 books in the saga called 'The Saga of Darren Shan' and incidently, Cirque Du Freak is the first book. I got it online off MPH?s online bookstore and it costs only RM15.90 per copy. That can be considered cheap as generally books nowadays cost around RM30++. Oh yes, for those of you wondering, you can get the book at any other store of course! Not necesarily at MPH Online! And the book is published by Collins (an imprint of Harper Collins publications!) This is FYI, of course!

Anyway, it was quite a big venture for me to buy this one because I usually do not buy books that I've never heard of or read about before. The funny thing is, I was influenced to buy it from an article I read off Daniel Radcliffe's fansite saying that this young actor enjoys the Saga immensely. But I can?t say I regret buying it because it is quite good! The story is about a boy named Darren Shan and how his life changed because of one invitation to visit
the Cique Du Freak (which is French for the Circus of freaks). There, he found himself mesmerised with the freaks in the circus (and what weird names they have too! The Wolf Man, Alenxander Ribs, Mr Crepsley and Rhamus Twobellies are among the weirdest names) and particularly by Madam Octa (an appropriately named rare and poisonous spider owned by Mr Crepsley). One thing lead to another and the foolishness of this boy caused him and his best friend, Steve, to be caught in a trap. One that involves Steve's life or death.

There is only one who can determine the Steve's fate: Mr Crepsley. And along with his freaky name, comes a freaky nature. This person is no human but a creature of the night. A close kin to Count Dracula and a creature who only deals in blood. Fans of vampire story (or even non-fans) should find this book oddly compelling with its various twists and turns. The pace of the story is also quite fast and before you know it, you would have reached the end of the book.

I finished this book in less than a day and found myself wondering when I could get my next allowance so I could order the second book! The story is described in first person and the introduction would freak you out if you don't already know that there are no such things as vampires! The language used is quite easy to follow with no excessively flowery words or phrases, which makes it easier to turn the pages to read on.

Though I have to admit, I had quite a task reading the last 4 chapters as they were quite heart wrenching to me and the way things were described in these last pages made it even harder to read. Overall, this book explores the human emotions in depth and I would highly recommend it to readers searching for a new author and a change from the usual. And of course, fans of the horror genre should not miss the beginning to what is an undoubtedly exciting saga!

Reviewed by Julianne

graceshu  # 8:22 AM