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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Reliquary ~ Lincoln Child, Douglas J. Preston 

Title : Reliquary
Author :
Lincoln Child, Douglas J. Preston

It all started this evening with watching the miniseries on TV3 on Aftershock : Earthquake in New York. Suddenly, I recalled reading a book about the people living in the subways and was wondering which book it was. After much discussion with my Uncle, realised that it was about Reliquary, the sequel to The Relic.

Watched the movie of the 1st book but never read the book. Read the 2nd book but is there a movie out on it? Can't remember. Anyway, what was fascinating was the background behind the book.

Imagine hundreds of people living underground of a massive metropolis like New York. Some of them homeless, other running away because of other reasons, it is a community there. The book is written in a frank manner without the gloss of sitcom of Beauty and the Beast. Known as the mole people, they shun life aboveground for security and anonymity where communities defend their territories and protect one another.

Then suddenly, they is something killing them as well as people above ground. Pandemonium reigns and time is running out. There is a sinister plan (there always is a big plan to the grand scheme of world domination) to it all that needs to be thwarted. Of course, there is the usual hero and heroine with various sidekicks as well.

I enjoyed the book. Can't post any snippets from the book as it is somewhere in the bookshelves with countless other books. I was more fascinated about what was written in the appendix section of the book regarding the secret tunnels that run underneath New York. Rumours of massive chambers that were built by the rich so that they would be able to utilize a separate subway system for their own personal use. Sadly, these chambers had to be sealed off for safety reasons. Why? Buy the book and find out.

Wena Tan  # 11:31 PM


What If? (Was He "The One?") by Shari Low 
How do you feel when you see a guy you really, really fancy? Do you feel your heart thundering so loudly it might just burst out of your chest? Do you feel your legs buckle underneath you? Do you just freeze like a deer caught in the headlights? Or do you feel your blood rushing to your nipples?

Yes, blood rushing to the nipples. That’s exactly how Carly Cooper felt when she saw Nick. No, I mean Doug. Wait a minute, wasn’t it Joe? No, it’s Sam!! Or was it Phil?

Meet Carly Cooper, a 31 year old single woman who is totally depressed about the desperate state of her love life. Having been engaged no fewer than four times, she veers from relationship to relationship in search of Mr. Perfect, always optimistic that the next man will be The One.

Well, always optimistic until now, that is.

Having taken stock of her life, she has made the momentous decision to look for the men of her past in search of true love. “Perhaps my True Love has been there all along but I didn’t realize it?”

So, what to do next? Ahh yes, quit the job and travel around the world in search of the men from her past and perhaps find true love.

Did she find her True Love?

Well, that’s something you have to find out for yourself when you read this book!!

I find the book an entertaining light reading material – what I would classify as a flight book. You know, the type of book that you pick up at the airport while waiting for the flight, the type of book that you read during the flight when you get bored with the on-flight entertainment. After the flight, you chuck the book somewhere and forget all about it. At least, until you get bored again and there’s nothing better to read.

Not exactly the type of book that you will read over and over again, trying to grasp the hidden nuances that you miss during the first reading. But still entertaining enough. If you have nothing better to do, why not give it a try?

This review was written by: Khalilur

graceshu  # 1:59 PM


Monday, January 05, 2004
CLEO Magazine 
Title : CLEO Magazine
CLEO CLEO CLEO! If you want to be hip, cool and sexy, then this is the magazine for you! All sorts of articles inside : advice from makeup to getting guys to health problems. Why is it that important? Because it's affordable and easy to read. Sadly, if you're not able to make it to KL to buy some of the trinkets displayed, well too bad. Also, who can forget their annual competition for THE most ELIGIBLE bachelors in Malaysia? Oh la la...

One thing for sure, I heard from my young cousin (while he was studying in college) that THIS is the GUY'S BIBLE to getting gals. Imagine stacks and stacks and STACKS of this mag in the guys' hostel. They read it cover to cover hoping to get some chicks. Woo hoo! So, the secret it out! He never told me whether it worked or not. Haha!

*Wena at a deranged light hearted moment*

Wena Tan  # 10:52 PM


Bad boy ~ Olivia Goldsmith 

Author : Olivia Goldsmith
Title : Bad Boy

It's a romance alrite. But heck, Olivia Goldsmith is a New York Times Bestselling Author and earning more bucks than me. Probably, it's more worthwhile to write romances and get paid for it rather than reviewing the book. The market for romances is HUGE with many a hungry housewives and young teenagers devouring them voraciously.

ANYWAY, this is suppose to be a review instead of me moaning and groaning about my financial status. Who is Olivia Goldsmith? Well, she wrote a book titled 'The First Wives Club' which went on to become a movie. Who knows if 'Bad Boy' will turn out the same way?

It's set in modern day Seattle where we are introduced to the heroine, Tracie, who has a habit of using Post-IT notes as reminders for everything and always with a string of bad relationships. Her EXTREME soft spot is for CLASSIC BAD BOYS, defined by her 10 golden rules on how to BE one :

Rule #1
Never offer them anything. Make them offer.
Rule #2
Never show them where you live.
Rule #3
No sports jackets. Ever. And no checks or plaids-any color you want, as long as it's black.
Rule #4
It's all in the pants. Forget khakis. Forget pleats.
Rule #5
Wear either throwbacks from thrift stores or really expensive Italian clothes. And mix them. Do on-line shopping only if you want to have on-line sex.
Rule #6
No sandals. (Unless you think Jesus had a hot social life).
Rule #7
Don't tell them what you do for work. Tell them you're in sales. Let them figure out if it's drugs or rebuilt engines.
Rule #8
No glasses. Not even Elvis Costello ones. It doesn't matter if you're flying blind because scars are a real turn-on.
Rule #9
No shaving-exchept once every three days. (Showing up at work looking rumpled or hungover will make women wonder about your private life.)
Rule #10
Always carry a motorcycle helmet. Even if you don't have a motorcycle.

Her best pal, Jon (yes, the guy Jon), then asked her to help remodel him in order to get the gal. Note, it is THE GAL and not her. He is the good guy though. Conscientious, he gives flowers to all his father's wives and remembers their birthdays and Mother's Day. Yet, Tracie doesn't seem him in that light even though he loves her to bits. So, he goes elsewhere to look for another lady to fill in her shoes. And that's where dear Tracy helps him out.

Here's a portion from his makeover at the hairdressers :

Oh God! He'd become Sonic the Hedgehog. His hair stood in spikes. The Demon Barber should have just killed me, he thought, and he put his hands over his skull protectively. Stefan, the albino Edward Scissorhands, took the last couple of snippets from Jon's new, totally renovated head.


"It's going to be the best two hundred dollars you ever spent!" she told him.

"Two hundred dollars!" Jon gasped. Then he looked at Stefan and the razor and swallowed. He figured it was better than getting mugged, though just as expensive.

I enjoyed the book but sort of regretted buying it. Should have bought it used for US$0.01! Still, it was an enjoyable read and definitely a humourous look at real life. Modern day romances are more realistic now than it ever has been. Better yet, they are becoming more and more humourous. Including this one.

So, if you want to become a BAD BOY guys, follow the rules above!

Wena Tan  # 9:49 PM


Sunday, January 04, 2004
Adrian Mole, From Minor To Major - Sue Townsend 
Author: Sue Townsend
Title: Adrian Mole - From Minor to Major (The Mole Diaries: The First Ten Years)
Trivia: Includes three books in once plus more from "My Unpublished Diaries". The three diaries are "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾", "The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole", "True Confessions of Adrian Albert Mole", and an additional "Adrian Mole and the Small Amphibians"
Related Links: Adrian Mole on Amazon.com, a website dedicated to Adrian Mole, Google on Adrian Mole Sue Townsend, Read excerpts on "The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole"

My good friend Stacia who loaned me her books nurtured my love for Adrian Mole, and it's been a wondrous love affair since. This copy was given by my Attila The Hun for my birthday, together with the complete Adrian Mole series ;D and I've since read and re-read my beauties and treasure them like. er. my babies =P

If you're not familiar w Adrian Mole, well its my pleasure to educate you about this little misunderstood genius. Heres a description of my dear boy, aged 13 and ¾.

Adrian Mole once was a teenager. Son of divorced parents, passionate to a very peculiar girl who frustrates all of his sexual impulses, faced with the gay option of his best friend, with no money for a working stereo or even for a decent bike, this english boy knows nothing more than bad luck, spots, school exams and rejection letters from the BBC, to his "modern" poetry.

I shall say no more (partly because I've got a migraine, but, anyway) 'cept that you've gotta love Adrian Mole!! And yes, this book is up for swapping!

graceshu  # 11:17 PM


The Good Earth - Pearl S. Buck 
Title:The Good Earth
Author:Pearl S. Buck
Trivia: This book was published in 1931. The book won the Pulitzer Prize and the William Dean Howells medal for fiction. Her tombstone, which she designed, does not record her name in English; instead the Chinese characters representing the name Pearl Sydenstricker are inscribed.
Related Links: A Short Biography, Google on Pearl S. Buck

I didn't think there were any books that I hadn't read a dozen times over at home until I came across a stack of books my sis bought from a second hand bookstore. Pearl S. Buck wasn't a familiar name to me, so I ran some searches on the ever-resourceful Google to read up abit of her background.

Having being brought up in China by missionary parents and assimilating Chinese culture - having spent fourty years there - she is able to empathize with the Chinese peasants and their way of life. The two lasting impressions this book left me with is how she writes passionately of the rise of a Chinese peasant and his family into being rich landowners; as well as the role of women in China - how the protagonist Wang Lung managed his two wives and how they lived together, of bounded feet, of taboos, culture, class, dignity, filial piety, and just about everything else - I'd say that her description of peasant living in China is quite accurate and its a commendable piece of work - especially since its coming from a foreigner.

I find this book quite an interesting read indeed; it is a simple read, has vivid descriptions of the Chinese countryside, and quite enlightened me on how much the livelihood of peasants depend on the earth they toil, thus the title. If you're interested in loaning this book, you could drop by the Book Swap Meet on Jan 11th 2004.

graceshu  # 10:13 PM