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Thursday, April 08, 2004
Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke : Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation 
I would be lying if I said the first thing that attract me to this book was not the cover. Motoko Kusanagi herself on the cover is so Japanese as Jane Excalibur to the English. Perhaps I am exaggerating, but Kusanagi in Japanese means a great sword. Well this is not a manga, there is no picture be it colored or not, except for the middle pages where certain cut scenes from some anime, even from The Legend of the Overfiend or known as Urutsokidoji to some others.

This is probably an analysis on all the great anime ever done, from the days of Astro Boy to maybe to the all hyped Naruto, which is broken up in a few categories:

  • The sub genres in Anime itself such as post-apocalyptic (Akira), the fantasy/magical (Urutsei Yagura, Video Girl Ai, mecha/cyberpunk (Ghost in The Shell) and more.

  • The graphic violence and graphic pornography in it and how it effect people.

  • The anti-stereotyping casting of female lead role.

  • Post-Hiroshima animation like Barefoot Gen and the Grave of the Fireflies.

  • Transgender and metamorphosis element in anime.

  • The infliction of Shinto religion in it's production

Basically it is about telling people or non-otaku like me that anime is not as simple as Disney characters. Messages were interwoven all around an anime. Hell what do I know, just play the DVD.

Vlad  # 2:34 PM


Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Thinks - by David Lodge 
It is refreshing to explore Ralph Messenger's distinctive slyly sexy take on life blended into a "campus novel" scene set at a fictional University of Gloucester. I have personally shied away from British authors due to a couple of bad purchases, Brit works now collecting dust on my bookshelves.

Read More From PickYin's Life Is Great

graceshu  # 10:36 AM


Monday, April 05, 2004
The Men Who Play God - A.B. Rotor 
Ten stories about doctors, directly or by implication, of how these medical men can metophorically assume the position of God by having the "powers" to liek "heal" mortals and have total control over their health / well being / lives. I liked it. Loved it. Has liek, all the proper medical terms and conditions and none of the hodge podge of fictional afflictions a non-doctor would've dreamt up.

A great read, a story of compassion, humanity, and of how doctors go around with their daily lives. I'd recommend it to anyone else, not just medical ppl like drliew. Is up for swapping :)

graceshu  # 4:59 PM


Twelve Red Herrings - Jeffrey Archer  
I'm not a hardcore Jeffrey Archer fan, havent really read much of his stuff cept for Kane And Abel and Honour Among Thieves. I read his first collection of short stories sometime back, A Quiver Full of Arrows, a compedium of witty and well written fiction and quite enjoyed it. His third collection, Twelve Red Herrings, didnt quite meet my expectations, though there are the few gems among the twelve.

The most memorable one would be "Timeo Danaos", simply but cleverly written, about a couple who go on a cruise around some greek islands. It struck me as kinda funny though, perhaps because I could relate to how the (male) character(s) responded to women and their shopping needs. The other would be "Dougie Mortimer's Right Arm", an unusual narration about the tale of a bronze cast of a massive arm that belonged to a champion rower. I know nothing of this rowing competition or its culture though as its very English and very Oxford / Cambridge, but the story did manage to capture my attention, and was significant for me to retain it in my memory as imma liek, recalling it frm memory now.

An interesting fact abt Jeffrey Archer though - he's liek, yanno. man, gotta stop talking liek thta. Ahem. Yeah. Last I heard, he's a representative in the House Of Commons, and was deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, but am not sure if he's still active in politics though. Anyway, like most collection of short stories, its a good enough book for those with short attention span, and a handy companion to have when travelling, though slightly thick. Publishers Weekly made a comparison with Somerset Maughams short stories, but I dont really think its a justified comparison, because there were both written in different periods.

But at least it had a sizeable typeface =P

graceshu  # 4:10 PM