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Thursday, July 22, 2004
KL Lit Fest 2004, July 29 to Aug 1 
Taken from The Star E-Paper [free registration], Wednesday 22 July 2004, Star 2, A literary festival for all by GOH EE KOON
THE overall number of book lovers in Malaysia is rather low, with few people having grappled, enjoyed and gotten hooked on serious literature. But if Silverfish Books proprietor Raman Krishnan has his wish, that can, and will be changed.

Raman, together with friends and associates Sharon Bakar and Lorna Tee, is organising the upcoming Citigroup International Literary Festival 2004, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur from July 29 to Aug 1.
From what I've gathered from the official website, this 4-day festival includes events such as readings [Dr Seuss!], meeting various writers [autograph sessions etc], and creative writing workshops [3 days, starting 29th July, registration required].

Also, a open mike session (31st July, 830-1030pm Mezzo Bar, Renaissance Hotel), young people's poetry workshop [29th july], drama workshops for teachers ;D [30th July], various conferences [registration required], children's theatre! [29th July, 4 -5 pm, Suria KLCC], cultural performances [30th July 1 - 2pm, KLCC], etc.

All very exciting and etceteras and whatevers, but only certain events are open to the public, others require registration and etceteras.
The Citigroup International Literary Festival 2004 was first conceptualised by Raman about a year ago, because he found that readership in Malaysia was just too low.

"Not enough people read, in any language. How can we be so literate, yet read so little?"

The festival, he hopes, will kickstart a widespread habit of reading and through it, more people will appreciate books.

The point in bringing in serious fiction writers is to let people know that literature is not a forbidding genre. By meeting writers, readers can learn that books are not just about entertainment and discovery.
Yesyesyesofcourseofcourse, mytoesaretremblinginanticipation, etcetera.
graceshu: Eh, you checked taht website out yet?
Monobrow: This all sounds so increidbly sexy! Now exskuse me while I go have an orgasmik weekend.
graceshu: o_0 !!
Monobrow: ^_^ !!
[Thanks to mr. xXx for the tip off!]

graceshu  # 10:38 AM


Tuesday, July 20, 2004
On Writing [Part 1]: Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott 
One of my writing buddies recommended this book to me, together with Stephen King's On Writing, encouraging me to read what established writers wrote about. er. writing. =P

I've never read anything by Anne Lamott before, but I'm assuming she should be some sucessful and published writer, from what I've gathered, as my friend Mr. Google, Sir, told me, bless kind his heart! This book on writing, bird by bird, claims to provide "Some instructions on writing and life".

She relates her experiences on trying to get published with witty anecdotes, including school lunches, bringing index cards around, dealing with jealousy, and publishing-related anxiety. Quite an easy read, and amusing at times.

The topics covered includes dealing with false starts, plot treatments, set designs, perfectionism, short assignments, shitty first drafts, writer's block, using index cards, and publication, among others. All very relevant issues for struggling writers, or just about anyone else who likes to write [eg. bloggers etc.!].

While Lamott does have several useful tips on getting around tricky writing-related, I would not think that everyone would have a similar "formula" or a solution that would apply to everyone else. A good read, nevertheless, with an insight to what she's been through to get this far.

Anne Lamott, Background
Bird by bird, Anne Lamott, Editorial Reviews

graceshu  # 10:19 AM


Monday, July 19, 2004
Malaysia Mega Sales Carnival 2004 
I was driving back from the campus today when I overheard on a radio talk show something of [lifestyle-specific?] focused sales on each of the 6 week-long sales; and something of week-four of focusing on hobbies and technological equipment, but I can't seem to find any information on the Internet of the weekly focused sales.

Anyway, heres an excerpt from Bernama.
KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 (Bernama) -- The Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2004 Fashion Show Week from July 24 at Berjaya Times Square here will help promote Kuala Lumpur as a fashion hub, Tourism Minister Datuk Dr Leo Michael Toyad said Thursday.

He said the mega sale carnival themed "Fashion and Lifestyle" would introduce products in the form of fashion that portrayed the Malaysian lifestyle.

The carnival sale which would offer discounts of up to 70 per cent, would be held once a year over six weeks from July 24 to Sept 5.
Eh? Just fashion?

But from Malaysia My Destination:
TheMega Sale Carnival 2004 will be held from 24 July to 5 September 2004, signifying a six week-long spree of bargains and discounts for a wide range of goods and products ranging from sophisticated high-tech equipment and haute couture to cosmetics and unique knick-knacks.

The launch of the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2004 will be on Saturday, 24 July 2004 at 6:00 p.m. by the Minister of Tourism, Datuk Dr. Leo Michael Toyad at Berjaya Times Square, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

The theme for this shopping event is "Fashion & Lifestyle," which will showcase clothing and lifestyle products in Malaysia. Shoppers will experience exciting carnival-like atmosphere all along Jalan Bukit Bintang on that day from 10:00 a.m. beginning with the Mega Sale Super Draw, followed by the Street Carnival at 4:00 p.m. with public displays of street performances by various buskers, entertainers and fire-eaters.
I am guessing that it won't be so much of just discounted prices for just clothes and footwear [oh rejoice, you daughters of Eve!] only, but with as much emphasis on lifestyle [oh rejoice, you Kultured Vultures! [yes, I like Vitagen too!]] as well. Hopefully there'll be really good discounts for stuff like books and electronic gadgets etc. too! ;)

Though the digits in my account statement will be significantly reduced, am quite looking forward to tire myself shopping [window shopping when I run out of cash] in the coming six weeks!

Ah. Six weeks into bankruptcy!

Yes. Wheee! indeedy.

graceshu  # 5:45 PM