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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
When You're Out Of Money, Read Fanfiction ;) 
I came across this interesting write-up about fanfiction in Liz's blog.
Well, that's not necessarily true, of course. I read fanfiction even if I have money to buy more books! It's free, it's there, and it's utterly fun. Fanfiction.net is a great place to start your fanfic hunt, though there are some sites out there, run by adoring fans, that can be leagues better in story selection.
Not feeling particularly rich myself - I might just start reading fanfiction - though I've never been a fan of online texts - they strain my eyes and I get distracted by blinking IM windows! ^_^

graceshu  # 11:06 AM


Monday, September 27, 2004
Do I scare you? 
Bad as I wanna be by Dennis Rodman

I don't usually read autobiographies. Many celebrities think that just because they are 'famous' they have the right, and the ability, to come out with a book, usually espousing their philosophy on life. A case in point in a piece (I hesitate to call it a book) about the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls! After having one hit record and a very public breakup, the remaining members decided to come out with their story. What the hell kind of story do you have if you're all in your twenties? If you are below thirty, you haven't even seen life, and don't know how to deal with it, no matter what you may have gone through.

One autobiography I read some years ago was Bob Geldof's "Is that it?" which I found to be a very honest, no holds barred account of his childhood, teenage years, the rise to fame of the Boomtown Rats and his epic triumph of Band-Aid. That was a good autobiography. This one is another. It was not thought provoking, and it certainly didn't claim to show you how you could live life the Dennis Rodman way and be a 'success'. What "Bad as I wanna be" is, is one man's rise from obscurity to becoming a several time leader in the rebound statistics for NBA basketball.

If you're not a basketball fan, statistics will mean nothing at all to you, but Rodman gives an insight into what it is to be like as someone growing up in the Projects, and probably having a short violent future, involving drugs and guns, and being given a chance to get out of it, and into another rather more surreal world, involving fame, and fortune, and dirty deeds done dirt cheap. He espouses at length about his experience in dealing with the corporate side of the NBA, and how he was given the short shift on his contract, even though he had the results to prove that he was a valuable player to any team, when the NBA was producing 'manufactured' stars and giving them multi million dollar salaries before they had even played a single minute on the court. He also details his relationship with Madonna, giving an short inside account of how celebrities meet, and fall in love, and deal with the resulting public view of their courtship.

He says some things about using celebrities as role models, pointing out that all idols have clay feet, and are as falliable as any other person. He mentions the people who have meant most to him, and not surprisingly, there isn't a single celebrity in the lot. Some of them are famous in their chosen fields, but they are not household names by anyone's standard. What they have in common is a sense of decency and honour, traits that Rodman values highly in people.

The flamboyant image he created, as he says, was from him wanting to be him, and not wanting to be who anyone else wanted him to be. In other words, he went against what was perceived to be the norm, and did as he pleased, which was to play a very physical, robust game of basketball, and control the court like no player has ever done. If you ever watch a video of Rodman playing with the Pistons, or the Spurs, or the Bulls, you will see what I'm talking about. He wasn't into flashy slam dunks so beloved of TV cameras. What he had was an ability to jump three times faster than the other guy. And he used it to good effect playing defense and obtaining rebounds. He did, in his words 'the dirty job that no one else wanted to do.' He values his physical health, and is proud of the fact that during his entire tenure in the NBA, and outside it, he was drug free.

All in all, an entertaining read, and a glimpse into the mind of a man who does things his way, and doesn't give a fuck what other people may think.

xXx  # 1:26 PM


Sunday, September 26, 2004
Online Short Stories by Orson Scott Card 
Includes Ender's Game, Atlantis, Homeless in Hell, Missed, and Prior Restraint.

Link found via petra's blog.

graceshu  # 1:56 AM